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Integrated Solid Waste Management

ISWM- Maseru lessons-Lesotho
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List of PowerPoint presentations and their download links – around 10 ppts.

Case Studies:
Wels, Austria ISWM :
U.S Case Study for MSWM :
Privatization of SWM in Egypt :
SWM in Lebanon:
SWM in Petroleum Refinery

Brief Description of ISWM(Integrated Solid Waste Management) and Action Plan Map -
Research Paper:
Optimization model for integrated municipal solid waste management in Mumbai, India
A GIS based transportation model for solid waste disposal – A case study on Asansol municipality

ISWM Services
ISWM Services
An optimisation model for regional integrated solid waste management I. Model formulation -
Overview of Solid Waste Management in Nigerian Communities -
What is Integrated Solid Waste Management?-
What is Integrated Solid Waste Management?- I
Integrated Solid Waste Management Under Global Warming - The Open Waste Management Journal, 2010, 3, 13-17 -

Information: EBOOKS:
ISWM Plan Manual by UNEP

Integrated Solid Waste Management – A life cycle inventory – second edition

Improving Municipal Solid Waste Management in India

Integrated Solid Waste Management-A Life Cycle Inventory-by Forbes McDougall

List of around 12 e-books:

City of Cape Town Solid Waste Management Services

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