Objective of Envis
MSW rules, 2000
Envis Centres


  • Creation of website on Urban Municipal Waste Management with regional language interface.
  • Monthly compilation of news items on Urban Municipal Waste Management.
  • Identification of information/data gaps in the specified subject areas and action taken to fill the gaps.
  • Database creation on Urban Municipal Waste Management to be put on website. 
  • Contribution of Newsletter on monthly basis.
  • To establish and operate a distributed clearinghouse to answer and channel queries relocated to all allocated subject.
  • To establish linkages with information users, carriers and providers from among government, academia, business and non-governmental organizations including that with ENVIS.

NSWAI-ENVIS has formed to collect the data regarding Municipal Solid Waste from Urban Class-I cities(population more than 1Lakh) and Urban Class-II cities(population above 50,000) and disseminate the information to central and state government departments, universities, registered societies, private organizations, scientific institutions , research scientists (users) and also in the website www.nswai.com.

NSWAI-ENVIS has a Core Working Group (CWG) comprising of experienced professionals in the field. The members are

1. Dr. A.K Sahu, President, NSWAI
2. Dr. MVM Desai, Editor, NSWAI-ENVIS newsletter
3. Dr.Rakesh Kumar, General Secretary, NSWAI

The CWG has formulated a detailed questionnaire, to be circulated to concerned organizations for the collection of data related to solid waste management practices being exercised in the cities/towns in various states.

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