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This Eco Bappa sends out an important message on e-waste management

Hyderabad: August 31, 2017

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to Ganesh pandals in Hyderabad. From edible Ganeshas made of dry fruits and chocolates, to paper mache ganeshas — the city has seen them all. But one particular Ganesha in Gachibowli has been getting a lot of attention, for the eco-friendly message he sends out.


Christened 'Eco Bappa' by a group of city techies, this c-waste Ganesha is made using old computer parts. While CPUs and SMPs make the base, the face is made of a scanner, parts of a printer act as the tummy, discarded RAMs become Ganesha's robes, and keyboards act as his legs and hands. He has a mother board crown, flashy CDs for ears, and a folding pipe used as power cable protector is his trunk. With expressive eyes and a trishul namam, fashioned using shiny paper prints, this is one impressive Bappa indeed!


Talking about the message that they are trying to convey, Omprasad Sirigade, a member of the team of techies who came up with Eco Bappa, says, "Consumer electronics contain chemicals such as lead and beryllium, which harm the environment and cause diseases. We should dispose our devices responsibly and hand it over to 'clean e-India offices' as the government has been advising. they send the devices to Attero Centre, which recycles these devices in a scientific way. Not many people heed this advice, so we wanted to create awareness on the importance of right e-waste disposal. On visarjan day, we will dismantle our Bappa and hand over the parts to the Clean e- India office in Hyderabad."