Pragyan '18', Pragyan Youth Summit (PYS)

20 Jan 2018 - 20 Jan 2018


The Westin, Chennai



India, one of the oldest civilisations, has some of the largest cities in the world,

with sizes exceeding that of countries. Our cities are rapidly growing - becoming

more populous and city limits increasing.

Most of our existing cities have grown with little to no plan. Over the years,

cities have adapted to the needs of the people. But at these rapid growth rates,

have the changes been able to keep up?

Cities today face some critical challenges that severely impact the quality of

life of people and the health of the city itself. Problems such as congestion in both

housing and traffic, pollution, the strain on Energy and Utilities and Safety

Services, to name a few.

Cities face a loss in productivity due to the negative impact on citizen health

and happiness. The hour you spent in commute, breathing in smoke could well

have been spent with friends and family. India is a powerhouse with 1.3 billion

people and the fastest growing economy in the world; our problems will only

grow bigger with time and it's time to find innovative solutions.

The Indian Government’s Smart Cities Mission, with its focus on sustainable

and inclusive development, is a novel initiative to improve core infrastructure and

give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and

application of ‘Smart’ Solutions.

With the weight of Information and Communications Technology at hand, we

could well solve our problems and simultaneously improve upon our

environmental and economic targets. Engineering solutions involving Artificial

Intelligence , Internet of Things and other associated technology offer us with

means to optimize city operations and services.

The topic of the panel discussion for the 2018 edition of Pragyan Youth Summit

is “Changing Technology for Future Cities”.

Smart solutions to combat these problems that our cities face are a dire need of

the hour. With the looming threat of climate change and urban population

growth, the use of technology, information and data would inject new life into

many of our hometowns.




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